Policy 7: Volunteer Code of Conduct

Bo’ness Amateur Swimming Club (BASC) is committed to complying with best practice in terms of service delivery.

It is expected, therefore, that volunteers should:

  • Promote a positive image of the club
  • Consider the safety and wellbeing of swimmers at all times
  • Follow all guidelines laid down by Scottish Swimming
  • Refrain from open criticism of the club, other clubs, coaches, poolside helpers or other committee members as this will lead to instability and damage relationships with others
  • Always respect the way other committee members carry out their duties – it may not always be your way
  • Maintain strict impartiality
  • Remember that decisions must be taken for the benefit of the whole club
  • Always recognise and observe your responsibilities in respect of the confidentiality of issues discussed
  • Remember that any decisions taken by the Committee are collective and as such should be respected, accepted and promoted by all committee members
  • Ensure that the equipment and facilities meet safety standards and are suitable for training
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport
  • Actively promote and encourage parents to assist in any club roles however large or small, particularly encouraging new parents for club sustainability
  • Remember we are all volunteers, circumstances change, never feel pressure to remain in a role
  • Read and agree to abide by the Club Mobile Phone policy

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