Policy 18: Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones

The aim of this Policy is to promote safe and appropriate practice through establishing clear guidelines for acceptable use of mobile phones and other hand held devices while attending or representing the Club.

This policy applies to all members of the Club, and relates directly to the appropriate Codes of Conduct.

It is the responsibility of all members of the Club to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this document as detailed in the Codes of Conduct.

Policy Statement:
It is recognised that smartphones, tablets and similar hand held devices contain a wide variety of functions which can be susceptible to misuse. Misuse includes taking and distribution of indecent images, exploitation and bullying e.g. in the inappropriate use of Facebook, Instagram and other social media.

Misuse of these devices can cause distress to individuals, impact on self-confidence and mental well-being, as well as impact on privacy and right to confidentiality. Such concerns are not exclusive to children and young people. It is appreciated that it can be very difficult to detect when hand held devices are being used, particularly in relation to additional functions. The use of all mobile phones and similar hand held devices is therefore limited, regardless of their capabilities.

‘Mobile Free’ Areas:
There are ‘mobile free’ areas within the Club setting where mobile devices must not be used under any circumstances. These are areas that are considered to be the most vulnerable and sensitive:

  • Changing Rooms
  • Toilets
  • Showers

There is a zero-tolerance policy in place with regards to use of mobile phones or similar devices by any individual in these areas.

Inappropriate Use:

  • using vulgar, derogatory or obscene language while using a mobile device or
  • using their mobile device to engage in personal attacks, harass other people, post private information about others or take/send photos or objectionable images
  • using a mobile device in a ‘mobile free’ area

while attending or representing the Club will face disciplinary actions as detailed in Policy 2 –
Disciplinary Procedure.

Swimmers’ modesty should be respected at all times. To this end, swimmers should only be
photographed in swimwear during action shots in the pool. At all other times, t-shirts should be worn by
all swimmers being photographed.

Parent / Guardian Permission
A signature on the Code of Conduct Signature form confirms that parents:

  • have read and understood the above information regarding appropriate use of mobile phones while attending or representing the Club.
  • understand that information re mobile phone numbers will be kept on file and that the details may be used (and shared with a third party, if necessary) to assist identifying a phone should the need arise (e.g. if lost, or if the phone is being used inappropriately).
  • give their child permission to have a phone at club sessions and understand that their child will be responsible for ensuring that the mobile phone is used appropriately and correctly while under the
    Club’s supervision, as outlined in this document.