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Vacancies and Volunteering

Ways for Parents and Guardians to Support the Club

One of the first things you notice when your child starts attending training sessions or going to meets is the number of volunteers giving up their time to support these activities. Swimming in common with other amateur sports relies on volunteers. Nearly all clubs are almost entirely run by volunteers and Bo’ness ASC is no exception.

This section of the website seeks to give you an overview of the opportunities that exist and covers:

Why you might want to consider volunteering

So why do it? There are a few reasons:

  1. We do this for our children – swimming as a sport relies on people like you giving up some of your time
  2. The swimmers love it – this is particularly true of the younger ones who are proud when their parents support them in this way. It’s a great way of encouraging them.
  3. Volunteering is fun and rewarding – if you look closely and you’ll also see that these people are getting a lot out of the experience.
  4. There is the opportunity to learn new skills and acquire qualifications.

For some it provides an interest that lasts beyond the point where their child is swimming competitively.

What sort of people get involved? These are people just like you.

  • Just like you – they lead busy lives and juggle work and other commitments.
  • Just like you – they understand the fitness and mental benefits all our children get from training and competing for BASC.
  • What you may not know is that our volunteers don’t need to come from a swimming background. There’s no barrier to you taking a more active role.

When’s the right time to get involved? Obviously, you do it when it is right for you and you do what you can. Just as the Club is constantly taking in new swimmers, the support teams need constant renewal as well. For that reason BASC encourages parents from all squads to get involved and do what they can.