Policy 6: Parents Code of Conduct

Bo’ness Amateur Swimming Club (BASC) is committed to creating a positive environment for all participants.

It is expected, therefore, that parents should:

  • Ensure that their child arrives to be ready five to ten minutes before the start of the session
  • Ensure that the coach and lifeguard is present before dropping their swimmer at the pool, and remain at the pool until the session has started. This will involve entering the building and not just dropping off in the car park
  • Inform the coach personally, or via another adult, if their child is required to leave a training session early
  • Arrive to collect swimmers ten minutes before the session is due to finish
    The Club’s responsibility for swimmers ends when the session ends.
  • Advise the relevant squad coach in advance of non-attendance at training sessions or competitions
  • Always discuss or email the Senior Development Coach/ Head Coach, in the first instance, any concerns about their child’s performance, behaviour, or other issue
  • Discuss serious behaviour issues in other swimmers with the Senior Development Coach/ Head Coach in the first instance. If a parent observes worrying or undesirable behaviour on the part of a swimmer (other than their own child), this should not be raised directly with the swimmer unless it is a minor act, e.g. running in the changing rooms, throwing water, rowdy behaviour
  • Never interrupt a coach or attempt to communicate to a swimmer during a training session. When needing to speak to a coach do so at an agreed convenient time where possible either before or after a training session
  • Resist the temptation to provide coaching advice to your child
  • Never ridicule or shout at a swimmer for making mistakes or losing a race
  • Promote respect of swimming opponents as well as for officials, fellow coaches and poolside personnel
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport i.e. fair play
  • Always respect and never shout at or abuse officials or coaches, or undermine the authority of the volunteer poolside
  • Be willing to undertake to help the Club, if requested to do so, and if necessary to ensure that the chaperone requirements at training sessions and galas are met
  • Respect decisions made by coaches in relation to your child. If on occasion you don’t understand a decision made about your child, email the Senior Development Coach/ Head Coach to arrange a suitable time to discuss
  • Read and agree to abide by the Club Mobile Phone policy


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