Policy 19: Coach and Lifeguard Dress Code

As detailed in the Coaches Code of Conduct:

BASC are dedicated to presenting a professional image to swimmers, parents and the public. In order to achieve this goal, we require all Coaches and Lifeguards to attend sessions dressed appropriately as outlined in this document.

The Club will provide all Coaches and Lifeguards with at least one BASC Coaches t-shirt.
Coaches/ Lifeguards who regularly attend three or more sessions weekly, will be provided with two t-shirts.
Additional Coaches t-shirts can be purchased if required at the cost price to the club.
All orders should be processed through our Swim Shop representative.

In addition to the BASC Coaches t-shirt, Coaches and Lifeguards should wear:

  • Dark coloured shorts or tracksuit bottoms with minimal branding to all sessions and external events.
  • Suitable poolside shoes (i.e. trainers), kept for indoor use