Communications Officer


To maintain well organised documentation on all club details that may be released to the press, and to liaise with partners, members and the media.


  • To be point of contact for all issues in dealing with the media and publicity for the club.
  • Build a list of media contacts
  • To collate and send to the media all relevant information in regards to swimming competitions
  • To provide periodic written reports to the Club Committee
  • To promote the club within the local community and surrounding area with help from the committee
  • To provide all forms of press releases for all forms of the media the club may deal with
  • To attend and contribute to appropriate club meetings and events
  • To record and keep all articles, interviews and recordings that makes reference to the club within the media
  • To prepare a monthly Newsletter
  • To prepare regular updates and news items for the Club website and Facebook page
  • To prepare flyers and posters as required to advertise the club.



  • Good organisation and communication skills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Confident and imaginative
  • Team player



  • To have experience writing articles for newsletters or press
  • To liaise with Club Coach and Membership Secretary / CPO regarding successes and data protection
  • To ensure accurate records are kept
  • To report to Club Committee on activities
  • Be a member of Scottish Swimming
  • Sign and adhere to the Club’s Volunteer Code of Conduct
  • Attend appropriate training



  • Support of the Club Committee and Coaching staff
  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop (renewable every 3 years)



Time commitment can vary.