Child Protection Officer


To ensure that the Club is complying with the Scottish Swimming Child Protection Policy and current legislation, and ensure that athletes and volunteers are training / competing / working within a safe environment.

Characteristics of a Club Child Protection Officer within a swimming context include:

  • an understanding of, and support for, the maintenance of the Club Child Protection Policy
  • an interest in the well-being and safeguarding of children and child protection matters
  • the ability to follow procedures and to know when to seek advice and not rely solely on own judgement
  • Strong listening skills and the ability to deal with sensitive situations with integrity and confidentiality
  • may currently work in a similar environment with training


Main Functions and Duties

  • Implement Scottish Swimming child protection policy and procedures.
  • Encourage good practice by promoting and championing the child protection policy and procedures.
  • Conduct the administrative work associated with processing information on new volunteers / staff
  • Liaise closely with Club volunteers / staff, ensuring that agreed procedures for the prevention of risk are followed
  • Monitor and review the child protection policy and procedures to ensure they remain current and fit for purpose.
  • Counsel / advise Club on matters of policy relating to child protection.
  • Raise awareness of the Club Child Protection Officer role to parents/carers, adults, and children involved in the club.
  • Raise awareness of the Code of Conduct for working with children to parents/carers, adults and children involved in the club.
  • Challenge behaviour which breaches the Code of Conduct.
  • Organise/signpost appropriate training for all adults working/volunteering with children in the club.
  • Respond appropriately to disclosures or concerns which relate to the well-being of a child.
  • Maintain confidential records of reported cases and action taken.
  • Where required liaise with the Scottish Swimming Child Protection Officer and/or statutory agencies and ensure they have access to all necessary information



  • Good organisation and communication skills
  • Reliable, trustworthy and a good listener
  • Understanding & appreciation for the need for confidentiality
  • Approachable & friendly
  • Experience of working with children



  • PVG Scheme Membership
  • Complete a self-declaration
  • Scottish Swimming member
  • Attend appropriate training


Training and Support

  • Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop (renewable every 3 years)
  • In Safe Hands Workshop (renewable every 3 years)
  • Meet with Scottish Swimming staff member for initial training


Time Commitment

Time commitment can vary dependant on size and nature of Club.