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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 20:02

The Team

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Parents are often surprised to find that unlike many meets where the swimmers compete individually for PB’s and medals, in FVJL the BASC squad compete as a team.

The teams compete for points which are tallied up over the course of the year and which ultimately determine which of the two league finals each club competes in.

Non attendance hurts the team

If a swimmer is picked and can’t attend a meet it is important to give the coach as much notice as possible to find a replacement. Things do happen, and we all recognise that, but the more notice you can give the better. If you can imagine a football club fielding a team eight players because three didn’t show… it’s the same idea and usually has the same result! BASC knows from experience that one bad result can really damage the team’s chances over the whole season.

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