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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 20:04

Age Categories & Squad Size

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Events are structured for different age categories: 9 & under, 11 & under and 12 & over. Events for the 9& Under category are typically over 25m, rising to 50 m distances for the older age groups.

Swimming Up

Children who are too fast for their age category can ‘swim up’ a category – allowing them to compete without being penalised. Swimmers cannot swim down, plugging gaps in the lower orders. This means that the FVJL naturally favours larger clubs with a larger pool of swimmers in each age group to draw from.

Theoretically there is no limit to the size of squad a club can bring – but the spirit of the FVJL is to give swimmers the chance to swim in multiple events and different strokes. Smaller clubs are often unable to field swimmers in all events impacting their points total. Late call offs excepted, BASC does not normally have this issue.

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